Presentation & Media Training

Storytelling is a skill, not an afterthought. SJConnects equips and prepares each of your storytellers to relate to the key message and put his or her stamp on it. Imagine the same story told through individual experiences and voices, enriching, compelling and on message. Perfecting storytelling includes:

  • Message discovery and refinement
  • Presentation and speech development
  • Issues and crisis communications
  • One-on-one and group training

Executive Visibility

SJConnects makes sure that when you are standing in the spotlight, you are not leaving everyone else in the dark. Ensuring a leader connects effectively is critical to positioning an entire organization. Visibility and clarity are crucial both inside and outside the working hallways. Executive outreach includes:

  • Executive message development
  • Speaker’s bureau development
  • Thought leadership
  • Position paper creation
  • Speechwriting
  • Media and influencer tour planning